It starts with a step…

The journey towards mastery begins with the acceptance that we are not yet there. We realize, usually too late, that we still have a very long journey to go before we get to where we want to be. Many athletes at top-tier levels are realizing that they are physically very similar to their opponents and usually the top performers have something special… the mental edge.

The Unconquerable Mind is about creating performance through consistency and works with athletes, performers, and business professionals at every level to become more consistent, resilient, and successful.

“Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own.” ~ Bruce Lee


Individual Coaching

Dr. Tyler is passionate about performance and believes that there is never a one-size-fits-all answer to every problem. The key to developing a successful plan is through understanding the individual needs of the performer. When working with Dr. Tyler, you aren’t just another performer, you are a person who has individual needs to overcome very individual obstacles. It is a journey that begins with a discussion.

Overcoming Obstacles

In order to see through the clouds, performers need to be able to increase consistency at all times. Hot, cold, raining, or sunny, consistency is the key to a performance that drives success. If you can figure out how to perform optimally, but can’t do it consistently, what good is it to you or your team? Learning to be consistent means performing optimally on good and bad days, and having the tools needed to overcome the daily obstacles hindering you from making it a good day.

Finding Yourself

A foundational cornerstone of The Unconquerable Mind is journaling. Every Monday a free ‘Journal Prompt Monday’ is posted to help you get to know yourself better. If you are not honest with yourself and are unable to take a true assessment of where you are, you will never make the changes needed to be successful. Head over to the blog and check out the JPM posts to get started.

What others are saying about The Unconquerable Mind.

I honestly didn’t believe in mental performance training and thought it was for people with problems. Then I realized that the guys who were out performing me had something about them that pushed their limits to the next level. I was stronger and faster than a lot of them but they still out performed me when it counted. I decided to give this mental performance training a shot and was recommended to check out the UM by a friend. Working with Dr. Ty helped me to work through mental hurdles and build a routine that I needed to be consistent. I “controlled the controllables” and when I put in an honest effort, I did see changes.

― Greg, Ice Hockey

I am a big fan of mental performance. I listened to the podcasts, read the posts, and own every book but I couldn’t figure out how to apply it to my life. On a whim I reached out to Dr. Meade to ask what I was missing and to my surprise he worked with me, on my own terms, to apply the information I had gained while doing my own research. He helped me understand why each application had to be individualized and helped me know which tool in my toolbox to use at which time. Thanks!

― Trevor, U.S. Military

About us

The UM is about helping you be your best self, CONSISTENTLY. It is about knowing what is hindering your performance while developing the skills necessary to overcome those obstacles.


  • MAY22 – UM is back online after taking a hiatus for professional development and continued education.


Reach out at any time through the CONTACT page to learn more about services or to start a conversation about mental performance.

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JPM: 29 May 2022

Journal Prompt: One thing I truly value in life is… Where our treasure is, that is where our heart and focus is. If you value winning in your sport, your only focus will be winning and a loss might break you mentally. Worst of all, you have no control of that outcome, even more so… Read more JPM: 29 May 2022

Making change

One of the major requirements of UM is that every athlete, coach, team, or professional who works with UM has to give back in some way. Whether they volunteer locally, raise awareness or funds for a charity, or perform simple acts everyday to care for others, they are required to do something. The reason behind… Read more Making change

JPM – 23 May 22

Who influenced you the most while growing up, and why? We all have different influences on our lives during our developmental years. Some people look towards their parents, others to their coaches, and some to a mentor figure in their life. This week I want you to not only list who was your greatest influence,… Read more JPM – 23 May 22


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