JPM – 2 May 22

Journal Prompt Monday: Each Monday there will be a new journal prompt posted to help you become more aware of yourself. These can range from worded responses, drawings, imagination exercises, and many other things that all revolve around a simple question. “Who am I?”

By understanding who you are you can better understand why you do what you do. When we understand the ‘why’ we can better understand how to make changes to increase our consistency.

This week’s Journal Prompt Monday is meant to bring awareness to how it feels to perform at our best. Take time this week to think back to your best performance ever and list out EVERY aspect about it.

Big or small, list them all.

When I performed my best I felt…

Before my peak performance I did…

During my peak performance I was aware of…

Get writing and enjoy this week. Click the follow button below to get the weekly Journal Prompts.

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