JPM – 16 May 22

Sometimes the hardest thing to know how to do is to learn to talk to ourselves. For example, I used to dread the first day of off ice training, but when we finally got to it and finished, I always ended up loving it. The season would end, we’d go into the off season and here comes the dreaded off-ice schedule again.

I could tell myself that I would enjoy it but part of me would still dread it. It wasn’t until much later on that I learned to use specific cues to help me recall how much I enjoyed the off ice training.

What worked for me was recalling the end of the practices and the enjoyment I felt along with a sense of accomplishment. That was the trick that eventually helped me to look forwards to these training events.

That’s your task for this week. Work through this journal prompt to figure out effective ways to communicate to yourself. Perhaps you can use par experiences, you can highlight specific aspects of the event, or you can look at the benefits of attending. Whatever it is, make it specifically yours.

If you want to take a different route then you can work on your self-talk relating to a past event that you were scared prior to taking part. Your sympathetic, fight or flight, nervous system kicked in and then you ended up enjoying it or it ended up not being bad.

Work on either of these approaches, just make a plan, test it out, and have it ready for the next time you dread an event or are dealing with anxiety prior to an event.

Have a great week!

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