JPM – 23 May 22

Who influenced you the most while growing up, and why?

We all have different influences on our lives during our developmental years. Some people look towards their parents, others to their coaches, and some to a mentor figure in their life.

This week I want you to not only list who was your greatest influence, but dig into the reason why. Look at their personality, how they carried themselves, life experiences, knowledge, etc. Then, look at how those attributes carried forward in your own life.

If those attributes that you looked up to as a child have not carried forward, ask yourself why and then assess whether they should have. If they should have, look back and see how they played a role and what might have stopped the development of those positive attributes. Perhaps there’s an opportunity to cultivate them even now.

Grab your journal and get writing. Have a great week.

If you enjoyed this post feel free to share it with friends, family, or co-workers. You can also leave a comment below! Have a great week! ~ Dr. Ty

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