Removing the ego through service

If you have heard about the Unconquerable Mind you’ve probably heard about the volunteering/giving back requirement. Whether you’re an athlete, coach, team, or business professional—if you want to use the Unconquerable Mind services you are required to serve others. This usually raises a few eyebrows but there is a method to the madness.

1) Ego-based athletes are poor performers.

It goes without saying that athletes who base their performances on their egos are poor overall performers. They might succeed at lower levels but as soon as their egos are challenged, they don’t understand how to put in the work to succeed. These athletes can be spotted by their perfectionist attitudes, excuses, finger pointing, and eventually… their burn out from their sport.

By volunteering their time they are forced to serve others and in turn, humble themselves. They will be forced to step out of their ego based, me first outlook and put others ahead of themselves. Most athletes learn a lot from an hour a week whether it’s cleaning trash off the side of the road, helping neighbors with lawn care, volunteering with an organization, or any other type of opportunity where they better others.

This shift in their focus from ego and self-centric to communal focused can be seen in how they play, their relationships to others, and their outlook on life.

2) Sports end, records get broken, and great athletes get old but great people make lasting impacts.

Developing athletes goes beyond the field/rink. The skills being taught in youth sports can be applied across a lifetime. Mental performance training skills can similarly be used in everyday life from controlling anxiety during tests to using visualization to prepare for a job interview. It is a matter of knowing how to apply the skills.

This is why the Unconquerable Mind focuses on human development as much as athletic development. I will be excited and congratulate you on breaking a school/league record but I will be truly honored to see the impact you make on the world as you progress beyond sports and change lives.

Volunteering is a lifelong habit that can open the doors to bettering the lives of others and in turn, better your life as well. Even though it is only an hour a week (time that most people easily spend on their phones),it will leave a lasting impression on your life and the lives of those you help.

3) Important life skills are taught through volunteering.

Most volunteering opportunities I have taken part in have been low funding. That means that outside support can’t be hired and you have to learn to wear a lot of different hats. I’ve learned carpentry, plumbing, painting, wood staining, and masonry through volunteering. I’ve also learned the process to donate large items, how to get them moved, and how to arrange logistics at minimal costs.

No matter what you’re doing as a volunteer, you WILL learn something.

There are other benefits to why the Unconquerable Mind requires volunteering but these are three major reasons. I care about you as an athlete/professional and I will help you to perform optimally and consistently, but I am more interested in who you are as a person and who you will be after your sport. I believe that we are required to better the world and that starts with bettering those people around you.

If you are interested to know more about the Unconquerable Mind mental performance coaching or about Dr. Ty’s philosophy, feel free to visit the About Us page or reach out to Dr. Ty through the Contact Page.

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