JPM – 11 JUL 2022

Journal Prompt: Right now I am feeling…

It becomes extremely easy in today’s culture of social media and distant conversations to hide what we are truly feeling. Recently, I watched two 5-year olds struggle with feeling sad because of a favorite toy broke. I watched as they went through a moment to assess what they were feeling, a reaction, and an outward display.

Oh, how nice it must feel to be free to just react. Our current culture has conditioned many of us to hold emotions back to the point where feeling numb is the norm. When we do experience feelings our immediate response is to shut them down, hide ourselves, or hide the feelings while still presenting a dignified persona to the world.

In fact, I would argue that when people DO express emotion to the world they are exaggerated almost as if to say, “I know I should be feeling something so maybe I can fake it.”

If you are not aware of your emotions then you are not able control them during sport. When we are taking time to control our emotions and push them deep down, we are using resources that could better be spent on our performance.

This week’s focus is all about awareness. So grab your journals and get to work.

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